International Festival Of History Reenactment – Brasov 1916

BRASOV 1916. Romania entered the First World War

During the military campaign in 1916, the city of Brasov was the most important Transylvanian city where the Romanian army entered (16/28 August 1916). Also, during the four weeks before the withdrawal from the Carpathians, for the first time in the history of Transylvania, part of Brasov county towns were led by Brasov city and by Romanian administration (mayor, prefect).

In this important historical context, celebrated nationwide, Brasov County Museum of History and Brasov County Council, in partnership with Transylvania University of Brasov, Brasov City Hall and The 2nd Mountain Troops Brigade, benefiting also from the collaboration of associations of historical reconstruction 6 Dorobanți, Military Tradition, Deutsches Freikorps, Military History Club in Bucharest and IR33 Arad Fortress, organize the most important festival of historical reenactment in Romania dedicated to the First World War : The International Festival of History Reenactment Brasov 1916. Romania entered the First World War.

The festival starts the cultural project Brasov 1916. Brasov County History Museum project also includes a thematic exhibition at the City Hall, a civic education program, conferences and presentations of film history, from 27 August to December 2016.

The International Festival of History Reenactment Brasov 1916 will take place from 26 to 28 August 2016 in Brasov Council Square.

Military camp will be situated next to City Hall, as an exhibition with stands inspired by the fighting positions of the military campaign in August-October 1916. Also, in the exhibition area is located an original field cannon, borrowed from the National Military Museum, ‘’King Ferdinand I „.

During the festival, exhibition stands will be occupied by members of reenactment associations. The outdoor exhibition has the advantage to be situated next to City Hall until the end of the project Braşov 1916, being used during September-October 2016 for cultural and civic education program dedicated to the memory of heroes. Also, the public can visit the outdoor exhibition out of the museum visiting hours.

At the event are invited associations of historical reenactment from Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Slovakia , Hungary and England. Members of historical reenactment associations will present the Romanian army, the German army and Austro-Hungarian army, the festival program including presentations of weapons and specific First World War military uniforms, military life scenes, army magazine, front scenes training etc.

Untill present confirmed the participation ,,KPVH Pardubicko”(Czech Republic) Association, ,,Agency REX” (Brno, Czech Republic ) Association, ,,C.20 The Twentieth Century Warfare & Living History Society” (United Kingdom of Great Britain) Association, „Croix de guerre” (United Kingdom of Great Britain) Association and Baron R. von Gamotha (Austria) Association.

Nicolae Pepene, Manager of Brasov County History Museum:

‘’ By history reenactment festival Brasov 1916 we want to contribute to the cultural diversification of Brasov by developing a living history cultural product type. Also, thanks to its international character, we include the city of Brasov in the European festivals of historical reenactment and in the international list of events dedicated to the centenary of the First World War.
Brasov Festival 1916 is not a speech about winners and defeated. It will give meaning to Brasov First World War history, and being shared to thousands of visitors, will create, in turn, new opportunities to enrich the cultural life of Brasov.

In the project Braşov 1916, the history reenactment festival, a living history lesson, is an educational method to enable us to understand the historical period as an interactive form. Also, very important, by civic education program, the youngers will learn to appreciate the memory of heroes, without choosing them by the flag under which they fell on the battlefield. „

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