Temporary Exhibitions


24 October – 24 November 2017 Exhibition Dunaújváros, Hungary

Opening of the organized exhibition in the project I was citizen of Stalin town by the University of Dunaújváros held on 26 October 2017.
The exhibition contains nearly 100 stalinist artifacts, photographs, cups, objects, political writings, etc., which were provided to the organizers by local citizens and the Dunaújváros Intercisa Museum.
The exhibition was located in the Dunaújváros University Hall and was visited by more than 500 people, both students and gymnasium students who visited it in a group organized with teachers and people outside the university, members of the pensioners’ club or the founding clubs of neighboring cities. 

November 2017 Exhibition Kucova, Albania

Between November 24th and December 8th, 2017 the specialists of National Historical Museum of Tirana travelled to Kucova to open the exhibition I Was Citizen of Stalin Town as the final step of the project.  
The exhibition of the project I Was Citizen of Stalin Town opened at the National Library of Kucova and it displayed 18 pictures from Kucova from the 50’s until 80’s. 
This exhibition was very interactive with 40 participants which gave their suggestions and extra historical facts about Kucova as a Stalin Town.  For the new generation it was something very special because all the pictures were new to them and they got to see a part of their city which nowadays doesn’t exist anymore.

December 2017 Exhibition Katowice, Poland 

On 20 December 2017, at the Miasta Ogrodów Galleries, the exhibition ,,When Katowice was called Stalinogrod … 1953-1956” was opened.
The exhibition includes souvenirs, personal items, testimonies, photographs, documents, postcards, press articles from that period. The exposed objects were purchased from individuals, lent or come from collections of institutions, including the Katowice History Museum collection, which was involved in the exhibition.
On the occasion of the opening, the director of the Katowice History Museum, Jacek Siebel, said that „during the last years the period when Katowice was called Stalinogrod has caused more and more interest, and museographers have purchased a lot of articles from the market related to that period. At present, the museum has a lot of exhibits that it has not had the chance to exhibit so far. „
The exhibition was coordinated by Aleksandra Korol-Chudy (Institute of National Remembrance in Katowice) and Roksana Krzywonos (Katowice Miasto Ogrodów).
Since the opening, the exhibition has had over 3500 visitors.

Exhibition Varna, Bulgaria

With the materials collected during the documentary period, the Regional History Museum of Varna organized a final exhibition of the project, which was presented at the project workshop and will be exhibited in the next period within the man. The exhibition includes photographs, documents, articles from the press and testimonies of people who lived when the city was named Stalin.


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